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Solar energy systems get added to hundreds of homes and businesses in the Bay Area daily. These systems require solar panel installations on the rooftops of the buildings to easily capture and absorb solar energy from the sun. The solar energy gets converted into electricity and stored until you need to power your lights and electronics. Unfortunately, birds negatively impact people’s solar panels across the Bay Area. When birds fly around and see the solar panels on the rooftops, they see a warm place to shelter and nest. If the birds start to invade your solar panels to nest and defecate, they will cause damage to your solar panels. Then your solar energy system won’t be able to absorb and store solar energy from the sun.

If you have seen any of these signs, it is time to bird proof your solar panels!

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Solutions for Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Bird proofing is the best solution for preventing birds from gaining entry to your solar panels. It is a harmless solution to block and deter new birds from entering your rooftops to access your solar panels. All you need to do is hire the right company which can provide professional and reliable bird proofing services to homeowners and business owners in the Bay Area.

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Smart Polar Panel Cleaning offers advanced and professional bird proofing services in the Bay Area. Part of our bird proofing services includes the installation of a sophisticated barrier around the solar panels on your rooftop. The barrier consists of plastic mesh panels and wiring to keep out the birds. It is custom-designed to stop birds from going near your solar panels, especially underneath them. Once the birds can no longer access your solar panels, they will give up and look elsewhere to nest.

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Bird Removal

Do you have existing birds nesting underneath your solar panels right now? That is okay because our bird-proofing experts specialize in conducting safe and effective bird removal procedures. We don’t cause any harm to the birds during the removal process because all our methods are 100% safe and effective. The birds and nests will simply be removed from underneath the solar panels and brought somewhere else away from your property. Then we’ll install our custom barrier around your solar panels to prevent the birds from returning.

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Bird Spikes

We can even hang bird spikes around your rooftop if you want to prevent birds from perching on your solar panels. Contrary to the name, our bird spikes are not dangerous to birds or people. Instead, they are thick and flexible spikes designed to prevent birds from landing on the solar panels to perch and defecate. That means you don’t need to worry about bird droppings making your solar panels dirty and causing them a disturbance.

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