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Gutters are easily exposed to dirt, leaves, tree branches and other debris. This debris prevents the flow of rainwater away from your home and can cause flooding, pooling and damage to your home.

3 Reasons why rain gutters need to be cleaned:

Clogged rain gutters can harm house foundations2021-12-01T04:57:39+00:00

Rain gutters are designed to collect and channel rainwater away from the foundation of your home. Clogged rain gutters restrict water from flowing properly down your gutters and cause water leaks into your home’s foundation. This can weaken your home’s stability and lead to uneven settling of your foundation.

Clogged rain gutters cause damage to your roof2021-12-01T04:58:17+00:00

Clogs in your rain gutters will halt water flow. This overflow over time causes extensive damage to roofs and the exterior of your home, resulting in expensive repairs.

Clogged gutters attract pests2021-12-01T04:59:02+00:00

Buildup of dirt, leaves, sticks and other debris that 0attract rodents, insects and other pests that burrow and create homes in your rain gutters. These pests are carriers of fleas, ticks and disease-causing bacteria. This can expose you and your loved ones to unhealthy conditions and disease. Getting your gutters cleaned routinely prevents pest infestation and prevents unhealthy bacterial growth.

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Gutter Cleaning: Before & After

3 signs that your gutters will need to be cleaned:

Gutters are sagging2021-12-01T05:06:41+00:00

When leaves & debris collect in your home’s rain gutters, there is no path for the water to flow. The weight from the collected water, dirt & debris adds additional strain to your gutters foundation and can cause them to sag due to the inability to hold the excess weight.

Birds are exploring your gutters2021-12-01T05:07:19+00:00

Clogged gutters collect inspects, leaves, and sticks which are a good source for bird food and nesting supplies. If you start seeing birds landing around your gutters, it’s time to get your gutters checked for sticks and debris.

Plants are growing in your gutters2021-12-01T05:08:20+00:00

Can you see plants sprouting from your gutters? If so, then it’s time to get your gutters cleaned. Dirt is carried into your gutters from wind and can settle on the bottom of clogged gutters creating the perfect ecosystem for seeds that are blown into your gutters to grow. Well maintained rain gutters prevents plant growth that can damage your gutters and roof.

If you have seen any of these signs, it is time to get your gutters cleaned!

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Residential Gutter Cleaning Bay Area

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Commercial Gutter Cleaning Bay Area

Rain Gutter Cleaning Services provided by Smart Solar Cleaning is the Bay Area’s simple and effective way to ensure your rain gutters are professionally cleaned and maintained.

Our professionals are trained to perform a 3-point service on every job:

  • Detailed Gutter clean
  • Check for Leaks & Cracks
  • Check for rust, instability, or corrosion

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