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Do you have solar panels on your home? You need residential solar cleaning!

Then you know your panels are subject to be covered by pollen, dust, ash and other debris floating in the air. Not only does this look bad but these elements sit on top of the solar panel surface blocking the panels from absorbing the solar rays of the sun. This blockage reduces the production of energy for your home or building. Even the smallest amounts of dust can noticeably decrease the energy output. Something else to consider is that your warranty may require these panels to be routinely cleaned.

residential solar panel cleaning before and after

Residential Solar Cleaning Before & After

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residential solar cleaning bay areaWill Rain Clean my Solar Panels? NO.

A vast majority of Solar Panel owners in the Bay Area assume that rain will clean their panels. However, that is just not true. Rainwater does not clean solar panels. The rain adds impurities, water spots and hardens the debris onto your panels. By not completely removing that debris you are losing the savings and energy your panels were designed to provide your family. In additional to residential solar cleaning, we also offer commercial and agricultural solar cleaning.


We perform a variety of different types of housing from one to three story properties. Here at Smart Solar Cleaning, we clean your solar panels using de-ionized purified water cleaning treatment which eliminates mineral spots or hard water stains leaving you with attractive and efficient panels.

You can be sure that all of our cleaning comes with a 3-point service:

• Detailed Solar Panel Clean
• Check for any cracks or chips
• Check for any discoloration, rust, instability or corrosion

For residential properties we suggest following the recommended schedule in your warranty and installation contract. Here at Smart Solar Cleaning we offer various flexible schedule programs on an Annual, Quarterly or Monthly basis. We are also happy to do a one-time cleaning for any customer. Contact us today for a free and quick estimate. For more information on why you should clean your solar panels, click here.

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