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Your solar panels were an expensive investment meant to save you money in the long run. Contact us for commercial solar cleaning in the Bay Area!

It is important that you and your business get a great Return on that Investment (ROI). Having dirty solar panels can severely dent your ROI timeline. Commercial solar panels generate huge power output and can save your company thousands of dollars each year on electricity. These savings are commonly lost by not maintaining a routine cleaning schedule

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Doesn’t rain Clean Solar Panels? No.

We have all seen what our cars look like after the rain, dirty. Still, a vast majority of Solar Panel owners in the Bay Area assume that rain will clean their panels. However, that is just not true. Rainwater does not clean solar panels. The rain adds impurities, water spots and hardens the debris onto your panels. By not completely removing that debris you are losing the savings and energy your panels were designed to provide to you and your business. By cleaning your commercial solar panels, you can realize real financial savings while conserving energy which will help your bottom line.


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Smart Solar Cleaning provides a variety of Commercial Cleaning Jobs from Solar Car Ports, Parking Garage Units, Solar Parks, Solar Power Plants or any variation.

You can be sure that all of our cleanings come with a 3-point service:

  • Detailed Solar Panel Clean
  • Check for any cracks or chips
  • Check for any discoloration, rust, instability or corrosion

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In addition to commercial solar cleaning, we also offer agricultural and residential solar panel cleaning services.

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