Solar panel equipment has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars every month on your electricity bills. However, the best way to utilize more solar power and reduce your traditional power is to clean your solar panels once or twice annually. Clean solar panels with no grime, dirt, or dust can absorb 100% of the sunlight touching them. All you need to do is hire a professional solar panel company to do the job in Atherton, California. Give us a call today to schedule your solar panel cleaning service: (707) 410-5885

Why Hire Smart Solar Cleaning in Atherton?

You can choose between hiring a professional solar panel company like Smart Solar Cleaning or cleaning your solar panels yourself. The latter choice could risk you damaging your valuable solar panels and possibly injuring yourself. That is why you are much better off choosing Smart Solar Cleaning to remove the filth from your solar panels.

The benefits of our professional solar panel cleaning services are as follows:

  • Environmentally friendly (no toxic chemicals used)
  • Increases the energy efficiency of your solar panel system
  • Save more money on your monthly power bill
  • No risk of personal injury to yourself
  • No risk of damaging your property
  • Increase the lifespan of your solar panel system

best solar panel cleaning atherton californiaSolar panel cleaning is a much more sophisticated process than you might think. It requires using a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution and equipment. Any minor mistake will cause damage to the solar panels and void any outstanding warranty. Smart Solar Cleaning knows how to avoid making these common mistakes so that you can have clean solar panels and a valid warranty.

Smart Solar Cleaning has professional cleaners willing to climb up onto rooftops and scrub your solar panels until they are 100% clean and tidy. We bring all the proper cleaning equipment and solutions wherever we go. You won’t have to provide us with anything.

Serving Solar Cleaning Customers in Atherton and the Bay Area

Do you live or manage a business in Atherton or another part of the Bay Area? Smart Solar Cleaning can deliver our in-demand solar cleaning services to your doorstep quickly and professionally. Our solar panel cleaners have the expert knowledge and tools to clean any industrial, commercial, and residential solar panels. When we finish cleaning your solar panels, you will notice the benefits quicker than you think.

Contact Us For Solar Panel Cleaning in Atherton, CA

You can reach the Smart Solar Cleaning team at (707) 410-5885 whenever you need your solar panels cleaned, whether one time, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.