Smart Solar Cleaning is the leading provider of solar cleaning services in Cupertino and the entire Bay Area of California. We have safe and professional solutions for cleaning solar panels to ensure they are spotless and sparkly.

Clean solar panels absorb more sunlight and convert it into energy more efficiently because no dirt or grit particles block the path. Then you can save money on your electric bill by enjoying the use of more solar power in your building.

We have cleaning solutions for commercial and residential solar panel systems. Here is a description of them below. If you need solar panel cleaning in Cupertino, give us a call today! (707) 410-5885

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Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Several Cupertino businesses have turned to solar power to save money on electricity. A one-time investment in a solar panel system can deliver decades of free electricity to businesses. But you have to make sure the solar panels remain clean to enjoy the maximum amount of free electricity possible.

Smart Solar Cleaning is fully equipped and experienced in cleaning away dirt and grime from commercial-grade solar panels. Our solutions are safe and effective without risking damaging the panels themselves.

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

residential solar panel cleaning CupertinoResidential solar panels are pretty popular throughout Cupertino. Thousands of local homeowners are experiencing the benefit of solar panel technology and all the free energy it provides to them. Many homeowners have seen significantly reduced energy bills because of all the solar power provided.

If you request our residential solar panel cleaning services, we can clean your solar panels quickly and safely. Then we can help your solar panels absorb a lot more sunlight and channel it into the appliances and electronics of your home. In addition, there won’t be any risk of personal injury or property damage if our cleaning team is on the job.

Environmentally Friendly

Do you care about environmental friendliness? If you own solar panels, you probably already care about protecting the environment. That is just one more reason to choose our cleaning services because we don’t use any toxic chemicals or ingredients in our solar panel cleaning solutions. Instead, our green cleaning products are 100% environmentally friendly for your property.

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